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5 Pillars of Wellness™

Mission is simple - to help people achieve Active Wellness. Nikken’s products and programs are designed to help our customers and partners achieve total health and wellness in all areas of their lives.


Visualize yourself as who you choose to be. Believe in yourself. Trust your will power and the ability to persevere. Determine to live a life of coherent thoughts, words and actions. Choose to create your true self.


Your body is more than anatomy. It holds your thoughts, your habits, your beliefs and all your experiences throughout time. Your body needs vital energy sources in order to function. To continue moving forward, essential needs for your body’s care are air, sunlight, water, rest and nutrition.


The way you care for your closest relationships has a profound impact on your community, because it influences the way you adapt to the world, the choices you make and your perception of success and failure.


In our social circles, each one of us is important, valuable and needed in our own ways. Your personal and family choices impact the community, because no individual can exist without others. So how do you contribute to help improve your life and the lives of others?


Knowing how to obtain money is not enough. To generate wealth, you need to understand how it works, how to manage it and what options there are to multiply it. You then can learn how to impact the world by using it properly.

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