A Purpose-Driven Life

We Offer healthier lifestyle.

“Inspire” is defined as filling with an animating or exalting purpose.  Not easy to do, especially in a world packed with excessive stimuli.  Julie Tara, Nikken’s Wellness Ambassador, is the avatar for a purpose-driven life.  She knows how to find ideas and people who also animate their lives with purpose.  In her Nikken podcast, “Inspiring Our World,” Julie highlights people, products, and ideas that make Nikken the world leader in wellness that it has been for nearly a half century.  She does so with calm assurance and a deep awareness that wellness, healing, and exaltation share a continuum.

Paul was honored to be featured in a recent segment of “Inspiring Our World.”  We are happy to share the segment and hope you will understand what inspires us at the Gabias Wellness network.

You can find a treasury of value on the “Inspiring Our World” YouTube channel.  You can also subscribe to the “Inspiring Our World” on your favorite podcasting app.

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