Double Your 2022 Year End PV!

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Hello again,
I believe in respecting your time by keeping the number of messages I send you low, but something happened right after I sent the last one that made me rush to my phone to share the news.
Nikken made the following announcement yesterday:

DOUBLE Your 2022 Year End PV!

Double your PV from December 15 through December 31, 2022.

  • Double PV applies to single orders with Consultant pricing.
  • Double PV applies to single orders with Retail pricing.
  • Double PV applies to Wellness Subscription orders that are shipped during the incentive period.

This huge incentive only lasts through the end of 2022, so take advantage of it and act fast! It’s a fantastic way to jumpstart and build momentum for your business in the new year of 2023!

*Any return of double PV products will result in clawback.

For those of you who are customers and have never participated in the Nikken business, PV stands for personal volume. If you want to know more about the earning potential this represents, please get in touch.  Tomorrow, Nikken will be holding a Zoom event that explains this incentive, among other things. Follow this link to register.

By the way, we have a set up a Facebook page. Please like it so that you can be notified of future information. It’s just another way for us to keep in touch with you.   Use this link to view and like our Facebook page.

Paul and Mary Ellen Gabias

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