Pi mag microjet shower filtration system

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Chlorine is a chemical element used to clean contamination in water to be safe for drinking and other usages. But the presence of chlorine or its compounds in your water can cause many issues such as acne, rashes, skin and hair dryness, etc. It would help if you had an effective solution to filter out chlorine from your shower water.

Nikken GabiasWellness has come up with an innovative solution to help you protect your skin and hair against chlorine-caused issues. Our signature PiMag MicroJet Shower Filtration System in the USA and Canada is available for online orders. It will ensure a clean and relaxed shower experience without worrying about harmful chemicals.

It’s Nothing Like Those Ordinary Shower Systems

When you buy PiMag MicroJet Shower Filtration System in the USA or Canada, you are ensured great benefits that an ordinary shower system cannot provide. At Nikken Gabias Wellness, we believe in innovation and excellence to make living better and safe. That’s why we developed a filtration system that could guarantee the users of safe and gentle shower experience in long-term use. It’s nothing like those ordinary shower systems you may have seen or used. Let us explain in detail.

The ordinary shower systems promise you many benefits, and to some extent, they do fulfill what they commit, but not entirely. They might offer customization as per your bathroom size, luxurious styles, water pressure control, temperature control, etc., but one thing they lack is chemical filtration.

You can buy PiMag MicroJet Shower Filtration System in the USA or Canada to upgrade your ordinary shower system for more efficiency. It works like magic, and you don’t need to replace anything, just a few minor changes. You will have an upgraded shower system that protects you from chlorine and other chemical contaminants used for cleaning water.

What Do You Get With PiMag MicroJet Shower Filtration System?

We have already talked about its purpose and benefits. Let us now explain what Pi Mag MicroJet Shower Filtration System in the USA and Canada offer you.

    • Advanced filtration effectively removes dirt particles, sediments, and chemical compounds.
    • It reduces chlorine odor and mineral buildup.
    • It produces Pi water, containing more oxygen than ordinary water.
    • Air Induction for higher air-to-water ratio, so that water stream is smooth and has less surface tension.