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Have I ever told you about my favorite Nikken product?  By now you’ve probably read about the benefits of drinking PiMag water or sleeping on a Nikken sleep system.  You’ve heard about the Nikken Precision and how it is a Class One massage device.  Maybe you’ve stood on Nikken insoles and discovered how they improved your balance.

I’ve done all those things and deeply appreciate the health benefits.  But my very favorite Nikken product doesn’t energize the water or purify the air.

Look at the Nikken five pillars of wellness.  You’d think, given the great variety of products that energize the body, that a healthy body would be at the top of the list.  It isn’t.  The very first pillar of wellness is a healthy mind. And the Nikken product that does the most to create mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness is the Humans Being More class.

When Paul and I joined Nikken as wellness consultants, graduating from Humans Being More was an absolute requirement for advancement to a leadership level within the company.  Why?  Because Humans Being More teaches a philosophy of abundance, personal empowerment, and generosity toward others.  In other words, Humans Being More is the Nikken ethos!

The class doesn’t teach how to gain customers or recruit consultants.  It doesn’t talk about the price of products or their wellness benefits.  Humans Being More is all about you, the student, wherever you are in your life.  Some have called it a “check up from the neck up.”  Students are invited to explore how they stand in relation to their ideal life and to decide what are the most important personal goals.  Some have used this process to launch amazingly successful businesses.  Others have used the process to decide to strengthen ties with family, or to learn new skills, or to finally lose those stubborn 25 pounds.  The results are individualized because the participants are individuals.  And this is not a one time experience.  I have personally taken the course more than a dozen times.  I know what to expect from the curriculum, but I’m always surprised by what I discover about myself.

The first time Paul and I took the class, we traveled 250 miles and spent a weekend in a hotel in order to take part.  Our children were very young then, so our cost also included babysitting for a weekend.  It was by no means an inexpensive commitment.  We’ve had vacations that were far less memorable and enjoyable.  We gained so much that we committed to returning at least once a year.

Technology and lock downs have brought about changes in format that have made the course more accessible.  In person classes are returning, but there are now on line free mini classes on Tuesday evenings and quarterly 3 or four hour blocks of Humans Being More programs.  Below is information from Jeff Isom, the facilitator of classes, about ongoing weekly classes and a more in depth workshop in the middle of February.  The weekly classes are open to all without cost and the longer course costs less than twenty dollars.


True to the Nikken commitment to total wellness, one need not be a Nikken wellness consultant to take part.  Know you will be warmly welcomed.  Also know that both Paul and I are available to help you enroll and to answer your questions.

Consider Humans Being More as Nikken’s gift to your personal wellness.  Read on for details.  Also, note the ongoing support for those of you who are considering Nikken as a health and wealth building tool.

Working together for greater wellness in the world:

Tuesday evening Customer and Distributor Support Call

If you’d like a half hour of relaxed sharing with others on the Gabias Wellness team, join us every Tuesday at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.  The only requirement is optimism and curiosity.  Get your questions answered and plan for your future, knowing your personal cheering section is just one phone call away.

To join us, go to   and enter the pass code 594975 when prompted.

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