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Prelaunch Business Pack for Consultants NEW Kenko Precision Set
Especially for Consultants – the Kenko Precision Prelaunch Business Pack contains two brand new Kenko Precision Sets:

  • Use one Set for yourself, so you can experience and share the benefits.
  • Use the second Set to promote this new product and for demonstrations.

The Prelaunch Pack is specially priced for business-builders for 10 days only, November 19 – 29, 2022.Exclusive VIP Training
Every Consultant who purchases a Prelaunch Business Pack will be invited to an exclusive ‘VIP Zoom Training’ on November 30th at 5 pm PT. This Training event is by invitation only – you’ll be the first to see this new product, learn all about its benefits and have an opportunity to ask questions. The training link will be sent to you on November 29th.How to Order your Prelaunch Business Pack
Please order online or via Customer Service. The Kenko Precision Set will only be available as a single item at retail price after the official launch on December 1st when it will be open to customers and the public to purchase.

Item 22010 – Prelaunch Business Precision Set Pack
US $418.50 Consultant Price/418.50 PV/ 272.00 CV
CAN $544.10 Consultant Price/418.50 PV/ 353.70 CV

Here are insights into the unique Kenko Precision Set:
This new unique magnetic grounding and massage set contains two items: a Precision Sphere and a Precision Wand. Used separately or jointly, they help provide a feeling of overall wellness and relaxation.

Grounding and magnetic massage benefits are known to help counteract stress and maintain overall wellness as well as:

  • Stimulate local blood flow
  • Reduce muscle tension and discomfort
  • Reduce stiffness and fatigue
  • Reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, tension
  • Produce a sense of overall wellness and relaxation

The combination of Nikken technologies makes this product effective and unique:

  • Precision grounding: beneficial reconnection with Earth for balanced energy
  • Magnetic flux energy with neodymium magnets: 2,500+ gauss for depth of penetration
  • Ceramic Reflective Silicone: allows ambient energy to reflect and create a warming effect that helps soothe and relax muscles
  • Ceramic Reflective Tourmaline Resin: present in the Precision Sphere, creating a calming effect like those found in natural environments

You can use the Precision Set on any part of the outer body from head to toe.

Learn more about this product and how to use it at the VIP Training or the official launch on December 1, 2022.
If you want to learn more on how to become a Consultant, please email Paul Gabias at:

All The Best,

Paul Gabias PhD LLD

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