Network Marketing: New Methods for a New Era, Part 2

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It’s not your grandpa’s network marketing business anymore. 

I remember my introduction to the concept.  It made sense in my head, but my gut warned me off.  I didn’t know hundreds of people.  I didn’t want to spend my time talking people into doing what they didn’t really want to do.  So, when an eager network marketer asked, I became a distributor to be nice, I was really a customer. I was happy to buy products I liked; I admired people with the gumption to distribute those products.   However, I politely resisted any effort to get me more involved.

Nikken changed all that – sort of.  From the very beginning, I loved what Nikken did.  I appreciated the benefits our family got from the products.  I fell in love with the Humans Being More class and concept.  It was easy to tell that the Five Pillars of Wellness philosophy encompassed growing a thriving business but meant so much more!  I really wanted to tell EVERYBODY about this marvelous new way of thinking about wellness.

Nikken had changed my level of desire and commitment, but my old paradigm was hard to kill.  I was afraid of running out of contacts.  I was afraid I’d end up appearing to pressure people. I lacked skill and confidence.  It was still all about me – my persuasiveness, my skill as a presenter, my fear of looking foolish, my ego.  Then a colleague asked a question that stunned and humbled me.  “Think of all the positive things you’ve said about how Nikken has impacted your life.  Now think of what would be missing from your wellness in all five pillars if that stranger hadn’t phoned and offered to show this to you.  Are you sorry you  got that phone call?  Will you be sorry if someone you care about needs this and you keep quiet because you don’t want to appear pushy or less than perfect?”

The internet has made the entire continent into a local community.  Whether you love fishing lures or orchids, you can find people who share your passion.  I think it’s exciting how connected we can choose to become across vast distances.  Now a few minutes of internet searching can put me in touch with multiple groups of individuals who willingly engage in discussions of things that matter to me and them.

You come from multiple U.S. States and Canadian provinces.  I live in Kelowna, British Columbia.  Most of you have never been here; some of you may only have heard this city exists because you came into contact with us. 

I’m talking to you now because you’ve already demonstrated some interest. Nobody twisted your arm.  You were invited to explore what Nikken has to offer and you’re doing that.  You’re free to dabble a bit, plunge in, or lurk quietly in the background and continue exploring.  It’s liberating to share something I deeply believe in with people I know are open.

As always, I would be delighted to hear from you.

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