Kenko Naturest Custom Pillowcase

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Sleep is the most unique of all the essential functions in the human body. It helps us recharge our brains and restore the drained energy, thus leading to a fresh mind and mood upon waking up. That’s why we have created Naturest Custom Pillowcase to complete your Kenko Sleep System for a better sleep cycle.

Buy Kenko Naturest Custom Pillowcase in the USA or Canada to improve your sleep quality with Nikken’s proprietary technology that promotes comfort and warmth like no other. 

The pillowcase is made with special fibers and designed to fit the Naturest Custom Pillow and many other standard-sized pillows, so your sleep experience is pleasant.

Enhance Your Sleep with Kenko Naturest Custom Pillowcase

You can buy Kenko Naturest Custom Pillowcase in the USA or Canada to give your sleep an enhancing touch of Nikken GabiasWellness’s latest technology, trust, and confidence.

1: Special fibers blended with Far-Infrared Technology automatically regulate temperatures.

2: The pure cotton surface with rayon lining provides softness, comfort, and durability.

3: It’s blessed with the goodness of chitosan to provide an anti-microbial property.

4: Naturest Custom Pillowcase comes with negative ions, known to relieve stress, promote a good mood, and provide freshness.