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Sleep is an essential part of the human body’s functions. It’s when our whole system tends to go into a relaxation phase, including healing, regaining energy, getting rid of toxins, etc. So, having a good night’s sleep is necessary, and Kenko PowerSleep Mask can help you achieve that.

Nikken GabiasWellness’s Kenko PowerSleep Mask in the USA and Canada is now available online. The area around the eyes can build up stress and tension, directly reflecting on the mind. But this product is made to give you an improved, deep relaxing sleep with the goodness of magnetic flux.

Buy Kenko PowerSleep Mask in the USA or Canada, and reinvent the way you sleep:

1: Proprietary DynaFlux Technology creates a magnetic flux to improve your sleep quality and reduce anxiety and stress.

2: The ceramic-reflective and tourmaline fibers eliminate the light distraction to give you a sleep-supportive environment. They are soft, skin-friendly, and durable for long-lasting usage.

3: Easily washable for clean and safe use.

4: Easy availability and affordability make it a product for ordinary people.