Kenko Sleep Pet Pad

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All the pets in the world deserve an environment to sleep in peace and comfort. They love to feel warm and cozy, especially while napping or lounging. That’s why Nikken GabiasWellness has come up with Kenko Sleep Pet Pad in the USA and Canada. So, you can give your little companion the warmth, love, and comfort it needs to sleep peacefully.

Features and Benefits of Kenko Sleep Pet Pad:

1: The Pet Pad contains ceramic-reflective fibers, permanently infused with the main fabric. These fibers help the pad automatically release and regulate enough heat for the pet to feel comfortable in any weather.

2: The exclusive magnetic technology replicates the Earth’s natural magnetic fields. It helps the pet release stress, reduces fatigue, and feel more relaxed while sleeping or lounging.

3: Buy Kenko Sleep Pet Pad in the USA or Canada and give your pet the goodness of Rubberthane technology that creates a massaging effect while lounging.

4: The surface material of the Pet Pad increases comfort and natural breathability for improved ventilation, which is good for the pet and the pad. And the backing is made to prevent slips and give the pad durability.